Film will celebrate WW1 hero and Brit footballer
Film will celebrate WW1 hero and Brit footballer

The life of long-ignored hero Walter Tull, the first black British Army officer to lead white troops into battle and the second black professional footballer, will be celebrated in a film set for release in 2016.
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French Justice minister discusses country's identity crisis

'France is in distress. There is a kind of rage out there,' says Christiane Taubira. The country’s black justice minister, 62, is now the most popular left-wing politician in France.more

Mobile app to help Spain's migrants find feet

Migrants in Spain could soon benefit from a European Union-backed program aimed at helping migrants by bringing helpful information to their fingertips via technology.more

Dutch Anti-immigration party draws up a law to preserve Zwarte Piet

The anti-immigration PVV is drawing up legislation which would ensure Zwarte Piet, Sinterklaas's (Santa Claus') servant, remains black and that songs remain unmodernised.more

Right-wing wins back French Senate

France’s centre-Right parties have grabbed back control of the second house of parliament, the Senate, after three years with a Left majority – but the big talking point for most was the Front National winning two seats for the first time.more

EXCLUSIVE: Scotland moves towards diversity

Singer Eunice Olumide - sweeTs, of the popular hip-hop duo NorthernXposure - like others is working towards a multicultural Scotland.


VIDEO: Surprising Europe - Immigrants under pressure

This episode of the series examines, the pressure Africans in Europe feel to earn money and send it back home, driving some of them to the dark underworld of drugs and prostitution.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: Afro-Italian filmmaker fights law

For much of the last year, Italian filmmaker Fred Kuwornu has been on the road with his movie "18 Ius Soli" to raise awareness of the law which forces the Italian-born children of immigrants to apply for citizenship at 18.


EXCLUSIVE: Blacks in N. Ireland find their voice

Northern Ireland's black community is coming into its own. Though modest in numbers, members are building networks to address everything from unemployment to health issues to finding a place in the wider society.

VIDEO: US blacks in Soviet Union

A work-in-progress documentary Black Russians: The Red Experience, examines the lives of Black American professionals who left their homeland for the Soviet Union in search of an ideal and saw Stalinist Russia as a promised land.

Somali community in Britain begins to find its voice

Somalis have lived in Britain for hundreds of years. Somali seamen are said to have fought in the battle of Trafalgar. But as a group, they still struggle to find their way.

UK breaks ground on first black heritage centre

The future site for the United Kingdom's first national Black Heritage Centre in the heart of Brixton, was dedicated in June. The centre will promote a greater understanding and enjoyment of Britain's Black cultural heritage when it opens, officals say.

EXCLUSIVE: Somalis feel at home in Cardiff, Wales

Somalis in Cardiff, Wales have deep roots in the area, sharing their heritage, is becoming increasingly important to them.

VIDEO: Malawians have long history in English city

The city of Northampton in the East Midlands region of England is home to the UK's largest concentration of Malawians. Discover their stories here.

EXCLUSIVE: Dutch area finds hope in diversity

The multicultural neighborhood, the Bijlmermeer in Amsterdam, is not only well known for its 100 plus nationalities but also for its gun battles and high unemployment rate. Now officials and residents hope a recent major overhaul will bring stability and prosperity to the area.

EXCLUSIVE: West Africans bond in Modena, Italy

Despite recent racial unrest in Italy, African communities continue to forge ties in the ‘bel paese.' Many West Africans are making the multicultural area around Viale Gramsci in Modena, northern Italy home.

EXCLUSIVE:Norway's multicultural community

Yes, Norway has a multicultural population. Read these profiles of four well-known Norwegians of color.

EXCLUSIVE:Contemporary Belgium's cultural mosaic

Belgium is home to many multicultural communities. We have profiled some of these talented residents who are making contributions to the country.


EXCLUSIVE: French Activist Calls For Change

Rapper and activist Fofo Adom'Megaa aka Rost worked closely with French president Francois Hollande to make sure his party didn't forget about people on the country's housing estates. His exclusive interview here.

VIDEO - EXCLUSIVE: London MP talks black life in UK, Europe

An EXCLUSIVE interview with UK Member of Parliament, David Lammy, who represents the London area where riots sparked last July. Topics include problems facing people of colour in his area and the possibility of a black Prime Minister in his lifetime.

First black Welsh minister: politics needs more black and Asian people

The first black minister in any of the devolved UK administrations - in this case the Welsh assembly - says parties need to mobilise and recruit from ethnic minorities

People of color could hold key to UK elections

A radical demographic shift means that Britain's ethnic minority vote may determine the outcome of the 2015 election, according to research.

Italy gets third Black MP

Italy has elected its third black member of parliament, a Congo-born university lecturer and TV immigrant show journalist who is perhaps best known as Rome's public-safety pointmmore

EXCLUSIVE: Alain Dolium - A force in France

When black French businessman Alain Dolium ran as the top candidate for centrist Democratic Movement Party in 2010, he drew comparisons to U.S. President Barack Obama. Though he did not win, Dolium has emerged as a new force in French politics.

Swiss MP is first of African origin

Ricardo Lumengo made history on Oct. 21 2007 when he was elected Switzerland's first-ever national parliamentarian of African origin. Since then, the lawyer has been transformed into a prominent public figure in the Alpine country.

EXCLUSIVE: Ali Soumare's new style of politics

He's been called the new face of France's Socialist party. Ali Soumaré continues to be a force in politics, running mayor in the Paris suburbs in 2013, after helping to lead his party to victory against the ruling Union for a Popular Movement (UMP) in 2010.

VIDEO: A profile of Italy's first black MP

A CNN profile of Jean Léonard Touadi, the first black member of the Italian parliament.


French city has memorial to slave trade

The slave trade once made the people of Nantes rich, but the French city covered up its dark history for decades. It recently erected a memorial to the victims in a project believed to be the first of its kind in Europe.

Britain's first black community in Elizabethan London

The reign of Elizabeth I saw the beginning of Britain's first black community. It's a fascinating story for modern Britons.


An African on the beat in Sweden

The riots in Sweden that broke out in May shocked the world. Sweden was the last place most people expected scenes of this kind. More community police officers are needed, a minister says, officers like Togo-born Rissa Seidou who know the area and its residents.

EXCLUSIVE: French activist tackles racism

French activist and media personality Rokhaya Diallo, 33, is a new force in the country's media. She is also the creator of Les Indivisibles (The Indivisible), an organization which uses humour to fight racism. Each year it presents its annual Y'a Bon Awards, which highlights the most racist statements of the year.

EXCLUSIVE: Confronting inequality in Greece

African immigrants in Greece, like Tanzanian-born Irene Thawe, face a difficult life, one worsened by the country's economic crisis.

Black people 'least satisfied of UK population'

Black and mixed-ethnic Britons are less satisfied with their lives on average than the UK population as a whole, a survey suggests.

Portugal's African community hit hard by austerity

Economic migrants from Africa have been coming to Portugal for more than 50 years but they have rarely encountered such challenging times.

VIDEO: Sudanese migrants find life hard in Greece

Patras,Greece, is a Port City and major transit point for hundreds of migrants from across Africa and Asia into Europe. Mojahed from Sudan arrived here a few months ago after escaping the violence in his native Darfur. Watch his harrowing story of life on the streets.

A young African's European journey

In Morroco, thousands of Africans seek to enter Europe literally by foot each year.., Joshua, a young Nigerian has been on the road for more than five years. Find out about his harrowing journey.

Young African Austrians complain of rejection

Young Austrians of African origin say they are rejected by both societies. Vienna-born of Ghanaian descent, 25-year-old Kofi Akwanpa, describes living between two cultures.

VIDEO: African workers in Italy describe their harsh daily lives

African migrant workers rioted in the Italian town of Rosarno in Calabria, after two of them were shot with airguns. This Médecins Sans Frontières video, shot in Rosarno in December 2009, lifts the curtain on their deplorable living and working conditions.

VIDEO: Africans in Russia face racial attacks

The constant fear of being attacked in the street or anywhere has become a way of life among Africans living in Russia - the majority of the attacks are racial motivated. "Street Life Moscow: Strange Land, An African in Russia" examines the lives of those who face the problem.

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